do you hoodo? we do.

Are you tired of all the tail chasing that's baked into the current job-hunting experience? We are, that is why Upton Hill is partnering with local tech. start-up "hoodo" to roll out a new recruiting platform that meets the needs of today's job seekers. This mobile first platform feels and works a lot like a dating app for jobs.

Hoodo is free to job seekers. No more job board searches or resume rewrites . . . enroll once and hoodo continuously scouts for jobs that best meet your professional needs, wants and abilities. Great matches are pushed to your mobile device for review (anonymously). If interested, simply swipe right on the job card and you just applied.

Hoodo currently supports: Health Care Consulting, IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Architecture, Construction, Technical Sales, and Marketing jobs.

What Upton Hill Likes about hoodo

Explainer video for Job Seekers

(video) How hoodo works for Job Seekers

Jobs that match a job seeker's preferences and abilities are pushed to their mobile device. After reviewing match scores and other relevant insights they can apply directly to the hiring manager w/a simple swipe "right" on the job card.

Explainer Video Hiring Manager

(video) How hoodo works for Hiring Managers

Based upon the skill, experience and technical requirements of your job hoodo screens and serves up the most relevant candidates for review, significantly reducing labor and recruiting time/costs.

Why hoodo?

Why hoodo?

Because finding great talent is challenging. And traditional job boards don't add much value.

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Check out our website to set-up your hoodo Employer Dashboard or to download the hoodo Job Seeker app

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Why hoodo works for Upton Hill


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